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Career Sims 4 Cheat Codes

Sims 4 cheats and cheat codes help.
Expansion Required
careers.add_career [career_name] Sim begins the selected career.
careers.remove_career [career_name] Sim ends the selected career.
careers.promote [career_name] Sim gets promoted.
careers.add_career astronaut Sim begins astronaut career.
careers.add_career athletic Sim begins athletic career.
careers.add_career business Sim begins business career.
careers.add_career criminal Sim begins criminal career.
careers.add_career culinary Sim begins culinary career.
careers.add_career entertainer Sim begins entertainer career.
careers.add_career painter Sim begins painter career.
careers.add_career secretagent Sim begins secret agent career.
careers.add_career techguru Sim begins tech guru career.
careers.add_career writer Sim begins writer career.
careers.add_career gradeschool Sim begins grades school career.
careers.add_career highschool Sim begins high school career.
careers.add_career teen_babysitter  Sim begins babysitter (only teens) career.
careers.add_career teen_barista  Sim begins barista (only teens) career.
careers.add_career teen_fastfood  Sim begins fast food (only teens) career.
careers.add_career teen_manual  Sim begins manual (only teens) career.
careers.add_career teen_retail  Sim begins retail (only teens) career.
careers.add_career detective  Sim begins detective career.
careers.add_career doctor  Sim begins doctor career.
careers.add_career scientist  Sim begins scientist  career.
careers.add_career activist  Sim begins activist  career.
careers.add_career socialmedia  Sim begins social media career.
careers.add_career careers_adult_critic  Sim begins critic career.
careers.remove_career astronaut Sim ends astronaut career.
careers.remove_career athletic Sim ends athletic career.
careers.remove_career business Sim ends business career.
careers.remove_career criminal Sim ends criminal career.
careers.remove_career culinary Sim ends culinary career.
careers.remove_career entertainer Sim ends entertainer career.
careers.remove_career painter Sim ends painter career.
careers.remove_career secretagent Sim ends secret agent career.
careers.remove_career techguru Sim ends tech guru career.
careers.remove_career writer Sim ends writer career.
careers.remove_career gradeschool Sim ends grade school.
careers.remove_career highschool Sim ends high school.
careers.remove_career teen_babysitter  Sim ends babysitter (only teens) career.
careers.remove_career teen_barista  Sim ends barista (only teens) career.
careers.remove_career teen_fastfood  Sim ends fast food (only teens) career.
careers.remove_career teen_manual  Sim ends manual (only teens) career.
careers.remove_career teen_retail  Sim ends retail (only teens) career.
careers.remove_career detective  Sim ends detective career.
careers.remove_career doctor  Sim ends doctor career.
careers.remove_career scientist  Sim ends scientist  career.
careers.remove_career activist  Sim ends activist  career.
careers.remove_career socialmedia  Sim ends social media career.
careers.remove_career careers_adult_critic  Sim ends critic career.
careers.promote astronaut Sim gets promoted in astronaut career.
careers.promote athletic Sim gets promoted in athletic career.
careers.promote business Sim gets promoted in business career.
careers.promote criminal Sim gets promoted in criminal career.
careers.promote culinary Sim gets promoted in culinary career.
careers.promote entertainer Sim gets promoted in entertainer career.
careers.promote painter Sim gets promoted in painter career.
careers.promote secretagent Sim gets promoted in secret agent career.
careers.promote techguru Sim gets promoted in tech guru career.
careers.promote writer Sim gets promoted in writer career.
careers.promote gradeschool Sim advances in grade school.
careers.promote highschool Sim advances in high school.
careers.promote teen_babysitter  Sim gets promoted in babysitter (only teens) career.
careers.promote teen_barista  Sim gets promoted in barista (only teens) career.
careers.promote teen_fastfood  Sim gets promoted in fast food (only teens) career.
careers.promote teen_manual  Sim gets promoted in manual (only teens) career.
careers.promote teen_retail  Sim gets promoted in retail (only teens) career.
careers.promote detective  Sim gets promoted in detective career.
careers.promote doctor  Sim gets promoted in doctor career.
careers.promote scientist  Sim gets promoted in scientist career.
careers.promote activist  Sim gets promoted in activist career.
careers.promote socialmedia  Sim gets promoted in social media career.
careers.promote careers_adult_critic  Sim gets promoted in critic career.
Was this site helpful to you? We would very much appreciate you whitelisting us or using this link when you shop on Amazon (no impact on your order).
Was this site helpful to you? We would very much appreciate you whitelisting us or using this link when you shop on Amazon (no impact on your order).